Redefining payments today

A single platform that accepts all kinds of payment methods, from debit & credit cards, BNPL, to eWallets - bringing affordability to your customers and in turn, driving sales for you.


Offer 0% Instalment Payment Plans (IPP) from leading banks such as Citi, HSBC, Standard Chartered and more.


Boost your store sales by running tactical campaigns such as Instant Discount.

Plutus Smart

All-in-one, ergonomically designed Android PoS terminal that
offers all kinds of payment capabilities to grow your business.


Accept payments through card-based and contactless modes

Sale with tip

Accept payments through contact and contactless with tip amount


Puts a temporary hold placed by a merchant on a customer’s credit card and reserves funds for a future payment transaction


To cancel any transaction before settlement basis on customer’s request


To cancel any transaction even after settlement within a specified time limit

Value added services coming soon -
Instalments and Analytics

Instalment Payment Plans (IPP)

  • Affordability for your customers
  • 0% Instalment Payment Plans
  • Buy Now Pay Later options for multiple tenures
  • Instant cashback offers

Analytics - Integrated Reporting Tool

  • Real-time store sales reports
  • Smart-dashboard analytics

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